Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Do you believe in magic?--- Judi of Green Fairy quilts sure seems to be.

Judi does the most amazing quilting.  She has her own store and quilting patterns.  She is going to do one of our trunk shows at the festival.  I can hardly wait.  I love the colors on this top quilt but it is the quilting that takes my breath away.

I remember she won awards for this.  It is her own design both the quilt and the quilting.

Is this the cutest bag?  I think this would be handy.  Judi is teaching this bag class at the festival  on Saturday morning.  How fun.

this great table runner is the other class she is teaching. You can even make it a memory with pictures in the center.  Bring your pictures and they will be made into fabric.  I love the bliss fabric she used. 

Look at this awesome quilting.

and more quilting.




  1. Absolutely stunning. Goes to show what practice, practice, practice does!

  2. Judi is AMAZING. And she is as sweet as can be. I'm so glad she is joining you at Panquitch.

  3. Thank you Jan - what a sweet post!

  4. wow those bags are sooooooo gorgeous!! great work

  5. amazing quilting and much pretty bag!