Thursday, March 3, 2011

An extra sew night this month. Yay!

We continued to work on this quilt for the quilt walk.  It is going to be a WOW factor quilt.  It is called Pie in the Sky by Kim Diel.  When I say we I mean every one worked and I mainly gave moral support and played with the squares on the floor.

What a good sew in we had.  Everyone had projects going.  Here is Donna working on her tube quilting blocks

Here is her result.  Pretty cool huh?

Shannon has been busy putting this cornucopia.  She finished her Christmas one.


Here are her blocks she put together from stash with the tubes.

Here are Marylou's blocks for the quilt guild, black and white with crayon color.

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  1. Lots of great projects going on here. So much fun! I saw your comment on Em's Scrapbag about the owl quilt. I made that one. YOu can contact me for the pattern if you'd like. Thanks, Jess