Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A Bernina Story....Being in the right place at the right time.

As you all know I am a very lucky lady, I won the Bernina sewing machine at the quilt walk this year.  Lucky!

Becky from Cowboy Collectibles has another lucky Bernina story.  I thought you might like to hear it.  Sorry I could not get the picture of her machine to post. 

My New “Used” Bernina

Jan asked that I share my story of how I acquired my second 220 Bernina. 

Early September before Jessica Reynolds moved away, she came into my shop and asked if I had seen the 220 Bernina on KSL.com.  I told her that I had not seen it, so I jumped on the computer and pulled it up.  Sure enough, there was a barely used 220 Bernina, just like the one I had in the shop for sell for $700.00 in the Salt Lake area.

Jessica knew that my husband Randy had just built me a quilt room in our basement at home and I was looking for a new machine (new quilt room, new machine right??).  So anyway I email the seller and asked if he would take $500.00 and meet me halfway.  I thought all he could do was say no.  But to my surprise, he emailed me back and told me if I picked it up I could have it for $400.00.

It just so happened that my BFF’s (quilting buddy Rochelle) husband was in Salt Lake.  I called him and explained the situation and told me he would be glad to pick it up for me (a true quilter’s husband, thanks Dave).

The next day I had my new “used” Bernina, along with all the extras, approximately 90 rolls of thread, 5 other feet, cutting board, rotary cutter and a box of just miscellaneous sewing stuff.

The transaction was so easy, it was just meant to be.  Thanks to my fellow quilters (Jessica, Rochelle and Dave) for all your help in acquiring my New “Used” Bernina.

Becky Yard

I wish you all lluck.  Enjoy!


  1. What a lucky girl. I just got one of the last 230's on the market and wasn't that lucky.

  2. You must have a lucky star over your head.

  3. I think you are so right. It was meant to be yours.