Thursday, February 19, 2015

Oh my goodness ladies!

We went to quilt guild last night and when I got in the car Linda said have you signed up for your classes yet?  I was still figuring it out, so no!  well 5 classes are closed because they are full and they have opened up a second section of 3 of the full classes.  They are filling up so fast.  I came home and signed right up.  Of course the "I can't believe it's machine applique" class is full but they opened up another one so I registered for that.  Also, paper piecing has sounded scary to me so signed up for class #44 beginning paper piecing. 

The other classes that are full and they were able to open up a second section of are, Metro Rings and Over the Edge Binding.  Anyway hurry if you want a good selection.

Dianne was our mystery quilter last night.  She always has beautiful quilts.  I think this plaid  is one of my favorites.  
 She is redoing her daughters room and this is what she made for it.  It is really striking and fun. 
 I saw her putting this one together and it looked like puzzle.  She said she enjoyed it.  
ok all, if you are coming to Quilt Walk Retreat get your registration in.  

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