Sunday, February 15, 2015

I am trying to sort out the classes I want to take.

Of course there are way more classes I want to take than I possibly can.  I promise myself every year that I will limit what I take so I don't get burned out.  One year I signed up for an all day class on Saturday, had my fabric etc. but could not get to sewing.  I still have the fabric and pattern but haven't gotten any further.  So this year with a wedding in the family coming up the week end after quilt walk, I am trying to keep it to two.  

I think I will take this class.  When I signed up for the ultimate round robin all the best ideas I had would have needed machine applique.  I did not use those ideas because I didn't really feel confident with the machine applique, so this class is on my for sure list.  It is taught by Carmen Geddes and is ...wait for it...Machine applique.  Class # 1.
Now off to figure out the rest.  

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