Monday, May 13, 2013

We all liked the opportunity quilt so much--

Dianne made her version.  I am loving the fabric.  I wish you could really see the quilting on it also.  It is done in Paisley.

Run for Debbie
A teacher at our high school is battling cancer, this is a lady who has made a difference for many students over the years and is greatly appreciated.   Anyway on Saturday we had a 3 mile run for her.  There were between 300 and 500 runners plus all the volunteers who showed up.  Now to some of you this might not sound like a great turn out but there are only about 2500 people in our whole county so when you figure there were people there from almost all of southern Utah it was awesome.  After the run they had a firefighter challenge and a mini challenge for the kids and it was quite a morning for our little community.  
Here is a picture of my daughter, her friend and my friend.  

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  1. that is nice to get so many people in a small community involved
    that is one great quilt too