Sunday, April 28, 2013

Sew Night --fun stuff

I took some of my block of the month blocks from two years ago to cut out but didn't even get one done.
Remember the dish towels that Jerilu was working on?  She finished them and they are so dang cut I think I might take up embroidery   It seems like I wasn't very good at it and ended up only doing cross stitch as that was hard to mess up.  The complete set.
this one is my favorite. 

Jeri is now working on a wool wall hanging she has it pinned together it is going to be a great. 

I happened to see her needle holder and took a picture for you all to enjoy.  Yay, spring is coming and with it strawberries.  
Becky got her Irish chain. from the class she took from Melissa last winter, back from the quilter.  Very pretty. 

Then she decided she would learn to applique, she wanted to do it a specific way and I didn't get all that she said she did but she followed these tutorials  .  There are eight of them altogether.  She said she watched them all before she started.  This is the result so far.  I may have to check the tutorials out.  
Until next time.  


  1. I have the pattern for your 3rd photo but have not found the time to make it yet - one day :)

  2. Gorgeous work but I am totally in love with the embroidered towels---do you know where we can find the patterns to purchase???