Thursday, September 20, 2012

We had a trunk show at guild last night--wait until you see

These quilts.  Debbie Neilson was our guest and these quilts are awesome.  I will show a few at a time so you can take it all in.  Debbie is A machine quilter but many of these are from before she began machine quilting. 

She said she did paper piecing for many of these rows.  Love this quilt. 

This is from a class taught by Bonnie Miles.  

She said this was from a row of the month she was in, I think, I know it doesn't add up but it is a cute quilt and a fun idea. 

raw edgde applique.  She even left a raw edge on her binding.

I believe this was from a class she taught.  She worked at Mormon Handicraft and did samples and taught classes.  

I thought you might need another look at this one.  

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