Thursday, September 13, 2012

I can hardly wait to share sew night.

Wow! some awesome stuff tonight.  
This quilt is stunning.  Claudia is teaching this class this week.

The close up of it assures me it is beyond me.  I will just have to look on with awe.   

She is also teaching this one.  I hope she wants to do this at the Quilt Walk.  If so I better be buying some of the new Christmas fabric out.  

Shannon just got this one back from her quilter and I am sorry your can't see the quilting better but this quilt is so cute.  I love the giant ric rac around the  border.  I may have to make one of these.  It is raw edge applique.  I wonder how it looks after it is washed.  I bet it is way cute. 
LaVee got this one back from the same quilter.   I am sorry I can't remember who they said it was but "love this quilt."  I have been wanting to make one of these for a long time.  I even found a tutorial on the Missouri Star site for it but this makes me want to do it now.  I would not have thought to use the black but it really makes it pop.  

This crazy quilt is an antique family heirloom. 

Dianne made this one and it turned out awesome.  She is helping her daughter in law put one like it together as a Christmas gift.  How fun to start out new quilters.  I really like the colors. 

This is Helens newest.  I wish I had gotten close enough for you to see the fabric she used it is so fun, perfect for a little boy.

I thought this was a perfect basket, for fabric scraps.  .   

JeriLu makes these bibs for baby gifts.  they are almost too cute to use.  Congratulations on another grandbaby, jeri.

Lauretta liked Shannons quilt so much she decided to put one together.  The fabric on this is so crisp and cheerful.  

I hope you were as wowed by our sew night as I was.  


  1. love when you share these photos with us. inspired by the christmas trees

  2. I recognize Shannon and Lauretta's quilt. My class, my pattern at Quilt Walk this year. I don't remember them in my class though. How did they get the pattern?

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    2. opps sorry, They found it in the feb/march issue of Quilt Magazine. It was one from Bonnie of Cotton Way I think.

  3. What is the name of the quilt that Claudia is teaching. I would like the pattern. Please post on your blog thanks Ava

  4. Your pictures are awesome and you ladies are dynamiute! The trees are so cool and the first quilt is so geometric - right up my alley - I was a math major in college - I love it! My daughter is a math teacher and I know she would love it, too! I'd love to know the pattern names for both, if you can find them. You are inspiring me! I just want to quilt, quilt, quilt. I need to get two baby quilts done. I'm waiting to hear from my brother. His twin grandchildren were to be born today. He went to take care of the child the grandchild the son alrady has. The little girl is 2 1/2. So, they are going to have their hands full of children. He will be there until maternal grandma and aunt arrive from Finland and then go back after about five weeks and stay until until at least Thanksgiving. They made it clear that his job is to take care of the existing child - NOT to go to the hospital to see the newbies!!!! I've had no email or phone calls, yet! I'm in OK and they are in MD and his wife is in WV, so we are strung across the map! So, I guess I need to get busy on the quilts, since they aren't totally cut out yet! We already knew it was a boy and a girl! So I picked gender neutral fabric and Mom does not like pink anyhow. The little girl has not worn pink yet, I don't think! So, I went for orange instead of pink with red, yellow, blue, and green. That ought to do it. Thanks for your post - it is most inspiring.

  5. The red quilt is Fractured Flowers and the tree quilt is Spring into Christmas. Both are Happy Stash Quilts patterns. I ordered from the site. I was charged $2 shipping and the price per pattern was less than I found in online quilt shops.