Friday, December 31, 2010

A gift and a plan

This cook book was a gift from a very good friend.  Neither one of us cooks much anymore but she laughed and said she enjoyed reading it and I have too. It was as good as a novel and took about the same amount of time.  I read recipe after recipe.  That baked Alaska on the front looks Delicious.  I haven't made baked Alaska in years but if I remember it was not that hard.  Maybe I should try it again and get the  girls excited about it.

Now to the plan...  I plan to finish all my bindings and never cut a quilt without cutting the binding again.    I also plan to really start on my list.  Not just add to it as it is getting out of control.   I am going to do a black and white quilt for my daughter to take to college--that is what she is asking for--I don't have a pattern yet for this so if you have seen a great black and white one let me know.

This quilt by Heather Mulder Peterson is on my list and soon to be on my cutting table.....Unless I begin with

this gorgeous Snibble.  I even have this very fabric.  Carrie told me what it was and even where I could find some, what a nice lady. It was a season old by the time the book came out.  It is an April Cornell fabric--I can't remember the name.  Speaking of Carrie, I am crazy about her new line of fabric, fresh palette

Then on my list for the last 5 years is this Meet me in Paris quilt by Johnalee .  I think I am intimidated to begin cutting all those fan blades. 

Wish me luck because you know there will be a ton of distractions in blogland and then there will be the quilt retreat at Bryce Canyon and then of course the Quilt Walk. 

Happy New Year!  Enjoy!


  1. Good Luck with all of your new goals Jan! I think cutting the bindings out at the same time is a great idea. I wish I was still there to help you cut out your Meet Me In Paris! Maybe you gals should have a MMIP night one of the Wednesday's you get together. Nan has made she could help you guys!
    Have a wonderful New Year!!
    Miss ya!

  2. I have had the Meet Me In Paris pattern and template for years, and someday hope to get to it also.
    You have some great quilts ahead of you. Happy New Year!

  3. Ohhh good luck with your goals, they are all so beautiful.
    I not only never made baked Alaska, I have never eaten it. Ohhh it looks so delish.
    I too love to look through cook books, funny as I don't care to cook, lol

  4. Great goals for 2011! I want to try to finish all of my unfinished projects. I have three quilt tops that I need to pin and quilt. I have just been so busy with side projects. Maybe some of your motivation will rub off on me! :)