Friday, September 3, 2010

This is an oldie

I was helping my daughter get ready to take off for college the other day and her quilt was sitting out on the couch.  I don't think I had ever taken a picture of it before so I layed it out and took a few shots.  This is from one of Jonna Lee's patterns called PinkILicious.  I had to modify the pattern a litttle. she uses it as the top to her bedspread and it looks so shabby chic.    I made three of these.

 The one I made for my other daughter Is in oranges pinks and greens.  She picked out the fabric herself. Every piece of fabric has dots on it. It is not as crooked as it looks it is just the way it was kept sliding on the leather couch.

And I did catch up with Dianne.  She finished the top and it turned out so cute.  She finds out Tuesday if the next grand is a boy or a girl.   If it is a girl she will have an excuse to make even more quilts.  I guess we don't really  need an excuse, do we? 


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  1. Really cute quilts, love the baby one. We just got that pattern in at the shop.