Sunday, November 9, 2014

Grand Illusion revisited

I know we haven't even gotten the first clue on the Mystery Quilt and I have already changed my fabric choices.  My daughter brought me the paint chips the other day and I could see some glaring differences in the color choices.  I had no alternative but to go out and purchase some of the blue and greens.  The blues are kind of a green and don't show up that way on screen.  As a result I had beautiful Tiffany blue fabrics that didn't look great with the rest of the fabrics. My greens were darker and kind of dull.  I even thought about changing the color scheme but I loved the inspiration of the grand hotel so you can alternative.  

remember the grand hotel...

This is on my bucket list as a place to visit someday. I bet you can see why.  

Love those colors.  So here is what I came up with.  I am going to keep them out so I can look at them for a few days but for right now I think I have my quilt fabric.  

Are any of you going to join in on the mystery? 

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  1. love the look of that grand hotel!! I don't do mystery quilts I did once and picked out totally the wrong colors, wasted fabric, and swore I would never do one again.