Wednesday, January 15, 2014

YAY!!! the classes for Quilt Walk 2014 are up  Now to decide what class to take.  Decisions are always the hardest part.  And another yay!! it is guild night and I get to go.  I should have more pictures up soon.

9:00  Just got home from quilt guild and it was a good time.  The theme tonight was pinwheels.  Gwen show us some pinwheel quilts she had done.

 I love this one made with an irish chain.
Then Keela and Crystal had been making blocks from Jenny's disappearing pinwheel block
They had been having so much fun they couldn't wait to share it with us.  This same pinwheel will also make a churn dash or monkey wrench with a pinwheel in the center. 

Our project for this month is to do a pinwheel project or begin a quilt for the year.  Click on the links to watch the Missouri quilt company's tutorials on how to make these.


  1. So lovely! :)
    Greetings from Finland!
    Hugs, Ulla

  2. Does anyone have instructions for the pinwheel with the irish chain?

  3. Finland, that is terrific. I have not seen the pattern but will ask Gwen at the next meeting. I will have to post here because there was no reply on your comment. Sorry.

  4. Is there instructions for the Pinwheel with the Irish Chain?

  5. sue I am glad you commented. I tried to reply when you asked before but it said no reply. I do not have the pattern but I think I remember them saying they found it on the missouri star quilt co tutorials. Under disappearing pinwheel patterns.

  6. I was hoping to find a source for the Irish chain with the pinwheel The tutorial doesnt have the instructions for adding the Irish chain