Sunday, August 18, 2013

Lost and Found Shoe Box Quilt

Back in 1999 at one of the first Quilt Walk Festivals, our national teacher, Sue Meir of Heartland Quiltworks(sorry I could not find a website for it), taught this class called Oh My Stars, My Hearts.  We cut out the entire quilt and put the pieces for each diagonal row in a zip lock bag, the bags were labeled and stored in a shoe box. You could do one bag at a time and each set of blocks fit right back in the bag and the shoe box.  Being fairly new to quilting I worked for over a year on this quilt.  When it was finished I gave it to my Aunt and Uncle who had helped one of my sons on his mission.

Fast forward to when I started this blog, I asked my aunt if she would send me a picture of the quilt as I could not find the one I had taken.  She had no memory of the quilt and said she didn't have it and had never seen it.  I had given the quilt to them when they were visiting another aunts home and thought maybe it had been left there.  It had not.  I felt badly about it but knowing that they had had so much going on over the last years, I didn't know what to do so just figured that maybe it had been given away or something.

Out of the blue this spring I got a call from my aunt who said guess what we found?  We have the quilt.  It turned out when they got home they had put it on a shelf in the office and hadn't seen it in all those years.  I was pretty happy that I hadn't made the whole thing up.  When my daughter was out there for a wedding this summer took this picture for me so here is my lost quilt from 13 years ago.

Anyway there is another shoe box quilt in a shoe box in my fabric closet.  It was all cut out, some of the blocks sewn together and there it sat for that many years also.  I got it out this summer and the blocks are now complete.  I just have to square up the blocks and put it together.  I am excited to see how it looks after all those years.  It is funny how our choice of fabrics changes over the years.


  1. I don't see the quilt picture.

  2. I don't know what happened to it. I will see if I can retrieve it. Thanks for letting me know.