Friday, July 5, 2013

Show and tell from the last day of the Quilt Walk.

I finally found someone who explained to me that "Steam Punk" is sort of like the past, so if you were in the past this is what you would think the future wood look like.  I guess it is like when  I was a kid and would watch Flash Gordon or the original star trek.  
Sorry I wasn't fast enough for this but Becky made this from a class from last year. 
 She one a set of the blocks last year and this is how she set it together. 
 Jessica made this from a class she took.
 Oh wow, I can't remember what she said about this but it is a beauty. 
 Love these colors. 

 Mrs. Wilson put this quilt together from fabric that she had received the wrong cutting instructions on. 
 Artie always has such a good eye for color, I see her use batiks a lot.
 love this one. 

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