Monday, October 29, 2012

The Green Fairy came to visit.

I am not talking about Tinkerbell,, even if her new movie is coming out soon.  I am talking about Judi and Clint of Green Fairy Quilts.  They came to our quilt guild.  What a fun night.  Judi had quilts of all of the patterns she has made, and the quilting she has done.  Holy smoke! that girl can quilt.

I bought this pattern.  I love checks. 

She said this is a pattern that Clint made up.I like it a lot. 

She told the story of how they got the name Green Fairy Quilts, when her mom would leave the house and there was still work to do she would always say she hoped the green fairy would do it.
Clint wanted her to do a fairy quilt and this is her design.  It is more pink than coral.

What a great quilt.  Green Fairy also is an online store where you can buy the latest precuts. 

I love bright colors. 

Sorry I flipped this several times and it still comes out sideways.  I thougt it was too cute to leave out. 

More to love with these.  

Lana got this pattern it is soooo adorable. 
I have more pictures to show tomorrow.  

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