Friday, August 20, 2010

Bryce Canyon Quilters

Our guild had a great night of quilts.  I had a scheduling conflict so was going to be a few minutes late.  I picked up my camera and headed out.  When I got there Lillian was unveiling the top she made from one of Bonnies classes.

  It was fabulous, however, my camera would not turn on.  Why did I not check?   Bev was taking pictures so I am borrowing these from her.  Thanks Bev.
Becky has been making these cowboy booties and has the pattern in her store.  Are they too cute

I was fussing with my camera but I think this is Marie's daughters quilt. 

This is a new one from Mary lou.  She had three to show us.  Sorry it is blurry. 
This is her fabulous black and white all quilted.
This was just show and tell.  Then we had a trunk show by Donna who used to be part of the quild and had stories to tell.  Donna now lives in Santa Clara.  It was good to see her and fun to see her quilts.  Sorry this is blurry but I loved the blues in this floating star quilt.


Ok for some reason I am getting a big red x on the pictures.  I will finish what I have of the trunk show tomorrow and maybe a tutorial on how Donna showed us how to do her I spy block.



  1. Love the quilt from Bonnie's class, and those cowboy boots are just too cute.

  2. Again those quilts are stunning. Those cowboy boots are too cute.